Lots of fun

Elisabeth has gone home, and it’s empty in the house. Felt weird the first couple of days, but then life went back to the normal track again. Which I suppose is because of my school. I have three (3) classes right now which keeps me quite busy. I started these classes the week before Elisabeth left though, and they will be going on until before Christmas.

This week I changed my schedule a little bit. I dropped Security Breaches and signed up for Intro to Philosophy. I realized the E-security specialization wasn’t good for me, to much of networking and since I think that is way to boring I decided to take other fun classes instead. The philosophy class isn’t one of these fun classes though! Its just required course. Tonight is the first class, so we will see how it is. I’m sure I will talk more about it throughout the coming 5 weeks!

I haven’t posted much during Elisabeth visit mainly because we’ve been to busy. We’ve been up in the mountains, watched hockey and learned to play Poker just to name a few things.

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