Av’s practice

Today we went to a Av’s practice session. It was a practice only available to season ticket holders, and we got our tickets through Mathias job. The company has 4 season tickets which we, and another couple got. We had a nice time! It only lasted for approx. 45 minutes, but it was nice to see how a practice session is done.

We also continued playing Empire Builder today. We started playing yesterday but stopped when we got to tired. It’s a very fun game, and Mathias and I enjoy to play it very much. Elisabeth thought it was a little bit complicated to start with, but after a while when she learned more and more she thought it was a good game too.

I also finished the crocheting I started earlier this week. I might have crochet as a child in school sometime I can’t remember, if I did this was the first time I did something useful. Elisabeth taught me how to do some of the stitches. It’s so much fun!


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