Yard work

I’m getting better every day now. Seems the specialist was right… I was sick because of “medication poisoning”, but enough with all boring sickness talk…

Yesterday we went to Nicks Garden again to buy two new bushes. We got home with much more than that though!

1 Tam Juniper
1 Grefsheim Spirea
2 Garden Aster
4 Mum’s
5 Phlox

Mathias was working all mid-day planting everything. The garden looks soo nice! See below!


In the evening we had planned to look at the Av’s first preseason game but they didn’t show it on TV. We could have listened to it on radio, but we watched a DVD instead… Notting Hill. Apparently the won’t show any of the games during preseason, so we have to wait until Oct 5th when the regular season starts! Go Av’s!!! (Av’s won yesterday with 4-2 over Dallas).

Today we don’t really have any specific plans. I need to get my homework done since I haven’t been able to do anything during the past week. Mathias will watch the Bronco game. We might go and buy some more phlox for the garden though. It looked so nice with them along the edge.

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