Doctor’s visit

Yesterday I went to the doctor again. I haven’t been feeling good this week, but I had an appointment with him already scheduled for yesterday. It seems like my infection didn’t need any more medication, and the reason I’m feeling bad was side effects from my medication.

It sounded like he didn’t think I had needed the medication for the infection at all, since I didn’ t have any problems with my throat and mouth. He thought the iron supplement was the problem behind all this. If it was I’m a bit annoyed that no doctor thought about this in the first place. Instead I’ve eaten medication for I don’t know how long.

If its the medication I should feel better within 5 days, so we’ll see. If I didn’t get better by that time I need to visit my primary care doctor again. But, I’ll keep my fingers crossed the specialist is correct!

Tomorrow, we have tickets for the Keith Urban concert at Red Rocks, but we’ll not be able to go. Unfortunately… I had so looked forward to the concert, especially since it was my birthday present to Mathias. We will try to see if someone else wants the tickets. So now I have to give Mathias something else!

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