Not as planned

This morning started with work, at least for Mathias. He finished moving all the soil to the backyard. So now that is done, now we just have to buy plants! Maybe tomorrow…

We also spent the day watching the men’s semifinals. First one, between Agassi and Ginepri was really good and interesting. The other one was pretty boring though. Federer vs. Hewitt, which obviously Federer won! No surprise there… Looking forward to the final tomorrow between Agassi and Federer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Agassi wins. It would be so fantastic! Not to mention nice that someone else then Federer can win.

In the evening we were supposed to go to the crawfish party but we decided not to. Didn’t feel it was any point in going to a party where you are supposed to eat when I don’t enjoy food. Moreover, I don’t think my energy is up for being around 35 people. Our friend, Linda, will save some crawfish for Mathias so he at least will be able to eat some.

So, instead of going to the party we watched the women’s final between Clijsters and Pierce. I had planned to record it on TiVo anyway, but now we watched it live instead. Clijsters won her first Grand Slam…

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