A private crawfish party

This morning we went to Nicks Garden to buy some plants. They had 40% off on trees and shrubs so we bought a little bit more than planned!

2 Renaissance Spirea
2 Dwarf Alberta Spruce
4 Russian Sage
2 Tam pine

We also bought 2 plants to have inside. So, lots of fragrant in the car! 🙂 We were at Nick’s for 1,5h but it felt like a whole day! It was a long time ago I’ve been so tired after doing something… maybe because I haven’t done something for a while! 🙂

After we got home Mathias started watching the Broncos game. Meanwhile, I went to our neighbor Cindy to buy 2 new pots for the plants I’m going to have inside. We also talked a little bit about her website. I’m going to help her with the design and code.

When I got back from Cindy the game was over, and we decided to start watching the men’s final in US Open. I had recorded both the Broncos game and the final on TiVo in case we were doing something else. It’s such a great technology! Especially not having to watch commercials is wonderful! Anyway… I think we had watched 1,5 sets when Linda came over with crawfish for Mathias. She also brought the DVD we’re going to watch on Friday. We wanted to be sure it worked in our DVD correctly. (I’m having the movie club here on Friday evening and we will watch Under the sun, a Swedish movie.)

After she left we continued watching tennis, but soon realized that if we were going to plant today we had to do it now because it would be to dark eventually. Good thing we did because we just got it done before I got to dark to do anything. It will be nice to look out the window tomorrow morning and see bushes! It’s been so empty for quite some time now. We didn’t get any pictures because the batteries went dead but hopefully I’ll have some tomorrow!

We finished watching the game. Federer won, although Agassi put up a nice fight! A very good game and final! Then, it was time for Mathias private little crawfish party!



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