Semi finals

I’ve liked Mary Pierce throughout this tournament. She has played really good, and it’s nice that she’s through to the finals. However, today she didn’t play good during the first set, and when the set was complete she took a injury time out, which lasted for 12 minutes, because she was treated for two different injures (her back and thigh). During this time, her opponent, Dementieva, tried to keep herself warm. I know these injury time outs are in the rule book, and the players officially doesn’t do anything wrong, but still… I think they are a little bit disturbing. Very often it just seems as a way to be able to relax and put your thoughts on track again. In this case, Pierce played so much better the rest of the match. Dementieva on the other hand seemed obviously out of balance after the break. In the first set she played great and won with 6-3, the last two Pierce won with 6-2.

I really hope the tennis organization starts to change the rule book. The match should not be decide because of how many injury time outs you can take!

The second final between Sharapova and Clijsters were so much better. They played excellent both of them, and Clijsters really had to work hard to win the game. I’m looking forward to the final between Clijsters and Pierce tomorrow.

Today I’ve also been doing school work. I’ve finished one essay and have two left, actually one of them is almost done too, I just need to proof read it and make some small changes. The other essay I tried to finish today but I was having a difficult time logging in to the schools library. Several students in the class have problems accessing the library, and it’s especially annoying since we have to find information in order to write our essays. I was just able to login a moment ago so this time I printed out the article. I don’t want to keep having these problems and not being able to post my essay on time.

Mathias was working with our garden today again. He’s moved most of the soil to the backyard now, I guess it’s 1/4 left. Our neighbor also came over and fixed the sprinkler heads, so this weekend we might be able to do some planting.

I’ve felt much better the last couple of days. I’m not as fatigued as I was earlier, and I can eat more food than, although, nothing tasted good still! Tomorrow is the crawfish party so I really hope we can go! I need to remember to record the final on TiVo, though!

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