Quarter finals

I just have one word to say…. AMAZING… it was a long time ago I’ve seen such a good match. There have been other memorable matches during this championship, but this one is the best one so far. I really felt sorry that someone had to loose! I wanted Agassi to win, but after the first two sets I doubted it. However, he came back tremendously.

I’m so looking forward to next game, Agassi vs. Ginepri. It’s nice to see another American in a semi final, however my vote goes to Agassi. I really hope he wins and reach the final. Although, he’ll probably meet Federer and even though he hasn’t played at his best lately I’m pretty sure he’ll win anyway. I’m still going to keep more fingers crossed for Agassi though…

Today’s match between Federer and Nalbandian can be summed up in one word, BORING. Absolutely nothing fun happened at all! Some balls were good but they were very rare. I’m sorry for the people who had to pay to see that match!

I’m looking forward to the semi finals and final. I’m sure Federer will win over Hewitt and later one whoever he meets in the final, but it would be so much fun if someone else had the chance to win. Federer is a great player, but it’s very boring to only see him all the time. It’s about time someone else wins! Go Agassi!!!

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