Labor Day weekend

Our labor day weekend went by quite quickly. Probably because we spent every minute here at home! Most of the time we watched TV (US Open) or worked with the computers. I also did homework, the new course I started last week have 3 essays due every week. Since it’s a English comp class that’s obviosly not that surprising at all!

We had hoped being able to go up to the mountains, but until I’ve stopped eating the medicine (1,5 more weeks) we won’t be able to do much. I still get nauseaus as soon as I eat something, although, it’s much better now than a week ago.

Since we got our new camera last week Mathias have been reading manuals a lot. The camera, Nikon D70S is really cool, and the images look great! Can’t wait to try it on some “real images”.

Mathias had planned to work in the garden during the weekend, but we didn’t get the soil as promised. We got it yesterday instead, so both yesterday evening and this morning I was working a little bit. I’m sorry I can’t help him! It would go so much faster. Sometimes it would be nice to live close to family members! 🙂

Yesterday I saw an episode of Oprah, she was reporting from New Orleans (today’s episode will be from Mississippi). I won’t talk about everything the covered because some things were just nasty! I can’t belive some people can behave in that way! I get teary eyes just thinking about it! It was a “good” episode. Oprah is really able to show another side of everything and show things news stations doesn’t seem to have access to. I can’t even imagine what these people are going through.

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