Tennis, disaster and school work

Well, hurricane Katrina is gone and left is just rubble… it’s so sad to think about all people losing their homes, families and their lives. It’s hard to watch the images on TV, and it makes me feel so helpless. Not only is it a bad disaster, but now people are violent too. Why do some people have to behave badly?

This week I’ve been watching tennis a lot. Actually a little bit to much I suppose, but considering the alternative (just resting in the sofa) at least I’m doing something…

We received our new digital SLR camera earlier this week. Today we’ll receiver the memory card so now we will be able to store images. Why can’t digital cameras use the same type of memory! We have 3 different digital cameras and none of them uses the same type. Frustratring… but I suppose good for businesses!

Schoolwork is going good. Turned in two of my assignments yesterday and the other one is due on Sunday. This course (English comp) requires a lot of work… 2 essays every week, as well as a reading assignment where we supposed to analysis the reading. I’m glad I didn’t take this class together with the other 3 I’m taking at the end of the semester. I wouldn’t have time for anything else then!

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