First day of US Open!

I got my final grade today. A-! I’m extremely happy with that grade! 🙂

I wasn’t able to sign up for the course I thought was available. Turned out it showed it was open online but in real life it was closed, so I had to change my whole course setup for this semester. I’m starting English Composition this week, and once that class is finished in the end of October I start 3 other classes, Speech, Security Breaches and Object Oriented Analysis and Design. At first I thought I had to take four classes during the last part of the semester but my advisor was able to get me signed up for English Comp for the first 8 weeks. I’m extremely happy about that! 4 classes would probably have been a little bit too much.

When I haven’t been on the phone with my advisor I’ve been watching TV. Today was the first day of US Open! Now I will be able to enjoy 2 weeks of tennis! I’ve also watched CNN and news about hurricane Katrina. It’s hard to believe what you see on TV, and I’m sure it doesn’t look anything to actually seeing everything in real life…

Now I will watch tennis a little bit more and then it’s time for bed.

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