Changes in plans

Another week has past by… it’s amazing how fast this summer has gone. One more week and then it’s “officially fall”.
Fall semester starts tomorrow… I was supposed to have two classes starting next week, American Philosophy and Nonverbal Communication, but I have not been feeling good the past days so I’m going to drop those tomorrow and sign up for a online course, Objective Oriented Analysis and Design. I actually tried to sign up for it this evening but it said I couldn’t sign up for online classes anymore. There are still spots left in the class so I’ll call my advisor tomorrow. This week I finished my Communication in a Technological Environment course, yesterday evening I turned in the final case analysis. Now I’m just waiting for the grade! On Thursday I talked to my doctor because I haven’t gotten any better. She referred me to a ENT specialist and 10 minutes after talking to a nurse at that place I was in the car! I was pretty amazed that they had a time available! The visit with that doctor resulted in taking the same type of medication my primary physician prescribed, and I’m going to take it for 3 weeks! In addition, my husband needs to take the medication too. The doctor thought I didn’t get rid of the infection as I should because “we passed it back and forth”. I’m not looking forward to 3 weeks with medication, BUT if this does the trick then it’s worth it! Bad thing is that I get really nauseous and I can’t eat as much as usual. Today I finished organizing our old important papers (i.e. bank papers and such). Now they are divided after year in file folders. I have just kept papers from this year in a binder; the other years are in a box which will be stored in the basement. I took me almost all day to do this mostly because I took breaks to rest in the sofa. I have also watched CNN and the news on hurricane Katrina. I’m terrified to watch the news tomorrow afternoon and see its impact on New Orleans and other places. God bless everyone down there!

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